Preparation of 2005 harvested seeds of Torreya taxifolia
(work and photographs by Lee Barnes of Waynesville NC)








   Seeds donated to Torreya Guardians in October 2005 by the Biltmore Gardens (Asheville, NC)
   Donated seeds with their fleshy (smelly) sarcotesta husks still on.
   Seeds in the process of fungal fermentation, to help loosen the fleshy husks from the single large seed inside. (Lee estimates that each husk was about 1/8 inch thick).
   Stripped-away husks on left, naked seeds on right.
   Seeds fully cleaned and stripped of their sarcotesta.
   Seeds bagged for over-winter stratification in Lee's refrigerator.
   After intuitively dowsing the seeds, Lee marked the probable females with a dab of pink paint. He is hoping that recipients will catalogue plantings in a way that will allow him to learn whether his dowsing effort was worthwhile.

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