Torreya californica at Bolinas Ridge
(Marin County)
February 2022

by Lucas Machias

   LUCAS MACHIAS sent this photo (and the discussion on a Facebook page about it) on 22 February 2022 by email to Connie Barlow, who is posting this on the Torreya Guardians website. Here is the text in his email:
Torreya californica, Bolinas Ridge, Marin County (found several old growth nutmegs today, fire survivors, too)

Roger Raiche - That is an old one. Such a great conifer if you have space.

Eric Hongisto - If you ever get the time, there is a grove in Fort Ross to melt your heart, directly on the San Andreas Fault. The ground is red with needle; a couple hundred trees over 1/4 acre.

Roger Raiche - Eric Hongisto is it accessible to public?

Eric Hongisto - Yes; not on a well maintained trail; 80 years ago, there was a public trail, but no one except the cows have kept it going.

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