Torreya californica in Geyserville, Sonoma County, CA

by Earle Cummings

  "We own acreage in Sonoma County north of San Francisco that is under a conservation easement with Sonoma Land Trust. Because our daughter's name is Torreya, it is a happy coincidence that we have a stand of scattered Torreya trees, mixed in among oaks, redwood and Douglasfir in one of our canyons."

     — Earle Cummings, 24 March 2017


EDITOR'S NOTE: Click on the image left to watch a 20 second movie of one of the Torreya californica trees on the property. Two younger trees in the same forested area are shown below. All are wild. (As of January 2018, none of the California fires have entered this property.)


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