Torreya taxifolia in Massachusetts

• Arnold Arboretum / Jamaica Plains, MA: Five plants appear on their database of their plant collections. Two were wild collected by Nicholson and Schwartz in 1989 and the three other trees derive from the Biltmore Gardens NC trees. A total of 33 plants from their collection, from Nicholson expedition, were transferred to the Atlanta Botanical Garden in 2010.

• Polly Hill Arboretum / Martha's Vineyard / Tisbury, MA: This location has 14 Torreyas listed in their collection as of 2017. Located in their conifer row 5 and Holly Park Bed 5 in Hilly's Garden. Plants acquired between 2009 to 2011 — some from Arnold Arboretum in 2010 and some from Torreya Guardians.


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