Torreya taxifolia in Wooster, OHIO

SECREST ARBORETUM (affiliated with Ohio State University)

October 2014 (by Connie Barlow) / 2014 VIDEO report of Torreya project at Secrest Arboretum, OHIO

    Fred Bess of Cleveland Ohio (left in photo) is the Torreya Guardians liaison collaborating with Ohio State University's Secrest Arboretum (Paul Snyder is at right in photo) to encourage and foster the planting of a Torreya taxifolia grove on their grounds. In this 10-minute video, recorded by Connie Barlow during a site visit in September 2014, you will see the substantial progress in that effort.

Note: The photo at left shows the potted seedlings (grown from seeds harvested autumn 2011 by Torreya Guardians; see entry below) that will eventually be planted out on the arboretum grounds.

JULY 2013 UPDATE (by Fred Bess):

   Fred Bess says: I sent 20 seeds from the 2011 Torreya Guardian seed harvest to Secrest Arboretum in Wooster Ohio (which is affiliated with Ohio State University). Of those 20, 13 have germinated (photo left).

Secrest has removed the other species of Torreya that they had in favor of the T. taxifolia seedlings [in order to ensure no hybridization will occur in this wind-pollinated genus]. The seeds were planted only barely below soil surface by one of the graduate students, Paul Snyder, who also works at the arboretum. He was able to carefully move soil from around the large seed with fine brushes and small trowels to see the root development.


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