Torreya taxifolia Assisted Migration
Sevierville, Tennessee
2930 Retreat Way, Sevierville TN 37876 (1,000 ft elevation)

   A. ALEXANDER CALLISON lives on property that includes 1 acre of forest along a TVA reservoir east of Knoxville.

He describes it as "gently to steeply sloping from ridgetop to hollow. Dominant canopy tree species are now northern red oak and other oak species, along with shagbark hickory, sugar maple, ash, black cherry, pitch pine, eastern red cedar."

Torreya Guardians donated seeds Autumn 2015, which he planted in pots in his greenhouse.

Reports in Reverse Chronological

   MAY 1, 2019 email from A. A. Callison:
"None of the seeds came up, so after a couple of years I discarded the contents of the pots in a meadow and made a compost pile there.

I was clearing out clover there to plant corn last night. Today I see a 4" T. tax seedling growing there. Perhaps others may germinate later.

Okay, so maybe it's just three inches tall, but this small miracle of life has begun my month of May in a very good mood."

Editor's note: In recent years we have begun to urge seed recipients to be very patient, as volunteers have reported a range of 6 months to 4 years for above-ground seedling appearance. See the seed germination section within our Propagate page for lots of details on our experience and suggested practices.


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