Torreya taxifolia in Alabama

Kaul Wildflower Garden at Birmingham Botanical Gardens - Visit page.

Private wild forest, 80 acres, Etowah County, on Red Mountain, NE of Birmingham AL. Report in private email to Connie Barlow, July 2020:

"X gave me 9 Torreyas in 2014 that were from 3 to 6 inches tall.  Several that were in full sun died from heat & light by the end of the summer.  One that I planted on a west-facing slope had full AM sun, but afternoon shade from a cedar 15 feet away. That one thrived. It had a lovely full form and was growing past 3 feet. But a year ago the voles ate the roots and it died.  I did rescue two of the 10-inch plants from the full sun planting, and planted them within 3 feet of the one that did so well near the cedar.  I also put a ring of hardware cloth about 5 inches into the ground around each to discourage voles. They are each growing very well — full form and about 2 feet tall now. Last winter X gave me two more Torreyas about two feet tall, and I have them planted in the edge of the woods, and they are shaded all day.  They are doing very well with lots of new growth."


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