Torreya taxifolia Assisted Migration to Tennessee

   VIDEO REPORT: FL Torreya to Ocoee Watershed 1: Greasy Creek, TN 2015

Clint Bancroft shows Connie Barlow the 9 Florida Torreyas he has planted on his 18 acres in southeastern Tennessee (plus 2 more in pots). At 1,100 ft elevation, and in a mixed deciduous/conifer forest, all the Torreyas look healthy. In closing, Connie gives Clint 40 seeds from the fall 2014 Torreya Guardians' harvest. Clint demonstrates his rodent-proof outdoor shelter for germinating those seeds.

    19 minute VIDEO - published April 7, 2015.

  • Visit the photo-rich Ocoee webpage that charts the progress
    of Clint Bancroft's Torreya plantings near Greasy Creek, TN.

       Unicoi, TN

    Court Lewis began planting seeds from Torreya Guardians in a forested area of his 12 acres in northeastern, TN, from our Fall 2015 seed harvest. Spring 2017 he began to report germination.

    As of August 2017 he reports, "Counting 7 no-shows in one of the half-buried cans, one lost can, two killed by a deer stepping into the can, 3 dying of sun/drought, and 3 deep-plantings that haven't surfaced yet, I have 17 healthy seedlings out of 34 seeds planted — a 50% success rate (so far).

       Spring City, TN - CUMBERLAND PLATEAU

    Chris Anderson has 232 acres of reforested and wildlife habitat, 1200-ft elevation overall, with some steep ravines and ridges. Bounded on one side by Stinging Fork State Park. He "free-planted" (directly into forested ground) most of the 400 seeds sent to him from our Fall 2015 seed harvest. Sites especially included the steep ravine slope rich in hemlock trees.

    As of 23 October 2017 he reports, "I started to find 4 to 6 inch seedlings that have sprouted. There are 22 so far — but I have not checked all locations."

    Nashville, Tennessee

    SITE: Private property, 33 acres protected from development by a conservation easement. Located 30 miles NE of Nashville, along a reservoir portion of the Cumberland River; elevation 400 feet. Land is partially wooded by several glades and large trees; mostly deciduous. Mostly open areas with maples, redbuds, and white pines planted. Plantings include other imperiled trees: Franklinia, Georgia Plume, anise, wafer ash, and corkwood trees. The property also has 20 American Chestnuts growing as part of the back-breeding program with the Chinese chestnut.

    PHOTO LEFT: Seedling in pot in Sugartree Arboretum, Nashville, 2011.

    PHOTO MIDDLE: Young tree purchased in 2010 and planted at the Cumberland River site. Photo taken 2011.

    PHOTO RIGHT: Specimen that began as a 2009 seed germinated in this pot. This is the only one of 10 seeds that actually germinated from a set of 10 seeds donated to this property by Cheekwood in 2009.

    Torreya Guardian in charge of this site: Vicki Turner / 615 516 5578

    NOVEMBER 2011 UPDATE: This site received 40 seeds from the Fall 2011 Torreya Guardian seed distribution.


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