Torreya taxifolia Assisted Migration to Tennessee

   VIDEO REPORT: FL Torreya to Ocoee Watershed 1: Greasy Creek, TN 2015

Clint Bancroft shows Connie Barlow the 9 Florida Torreyas he has planted on his 18 acres in southeastern Tennessee (plus 2 more in pots). At 1,100 ft elevation, and in a mixed deciduous/conifer forest, all the Torreyas look healthy. In closing, Connie gives Clint 40 seeds from the fall 2014 Torreya Guardians' harvest. Clint demonstrates his rodent-proof outdoor shelter for germinating those seeds.

    19 minute VIDEO - published April 7, 2015.

  • Visit the photo-rich Ocoee webpage that charts the progress
    of Clint Bancroft's Torreya plantings near Greasy Creek, TN.

       Unicoi, TN

    Court Lewis began planting seeds from Torreya Guardians in a forested area of his 12 acres in northeastern, TN, from our Fall 2015 seed harvest. Spring 2017 he began to report germination.

    As of August 2017 he reports, "Counting 7 no-shows in one of the half-buried cans, one lost can, two killed by a deer stepping into the can, 3 dying of sun/drought, and 3 deep-plantings that haven't surfaced yet, I have 17 healthy seedlings out of 34 seeds planted — a 50% success rate (so far).

    Nashville, Tennessee

    SITE: Private property, 33 acres protected from development by a conservation easement. Located 30 miles NE of Nashville, along a reservoir portion of the Cumberland River; elevation 400 feet. Land is partially wooded by several glades and large trees; mostly deciduous. Mostly open areas with maples, redbuds, and white pines planted. Plantings include other imperiled trees: Franklinia, Georgia Plume, anise, wafer ash, and corkwood trees. The property also has 20 American Chestnuts growing as part of the back-breeding program with the Chinese chestnut.

    PHOTO LEFT: Seedling in pot in Sugartree Arboretum, Nashville, 2011.

    PHOTO MIDDLE: Young tree purchased in 2010 and planted at the Cumberland River site. Photo taken 2011.

    PHOTO RIGHT: Specimen that began as a 2009 seed germinated in this pot. This is the only one of 10 seeds that actually germinated from a set of 10 seeds donated to this property by Cheekwood in 2009.

    Torreya Guardian in charge of this site: Vicki Turner / 615 516 5578

    NOVEMBER 2011 UPDATE: This site received 40 seeds from the Fall 2011 Torreya Guardian seed distribution.


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